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10 Best Adsense Alternatives in 2024

10 Best Adsense Alternatives in 2024

Best AdSense Alternative 

As we said, there are several other advertising networks that can get the same job done as Google AdSense. However, it is quite tricky to find one that suits our needs and has good enough offerings to stick with it. This is why we listed the top ten alternatives that you can use.

1. Media.net

Media.net  was a leader in contextual advertising for many years, a service by Bing and Yahoo! Since it is created by a search engine, it is one of the best out there after Google AdSense, and therefore, is the go-to alternative to AdSense. Media.net offers $5 per 1 000 impressions, and you can display up to 3 ads per page. These numbers add up to a lot, which is why you should check them out. It offers several types of display and native ads for both mobile and desktop versions. If you play smart, you can make a lot of money from these Ads. Media.net has a set of requirements, which are similar to Google AdSense. Your blog should offer high-quality traffic along with a clean and professional outlook. Their main requirement is to have most of their traffic from first world countries, such as the US, UK, and Canada. To summarize, if you are looking for a close alternative, then media.net is the answer. It is very competitive with AdSense in terms of payouts, percentage of money you receive, and even quality and features. It has a payout of $100, which is the same as AdSense. You can register on their website; it takes almost 5 days for your application to come. You can use PayPal  for payment. Harsh Agarwal of shout me loud uses Media.net for ads on his website and he loves to share that the ad network is absolutely brilliant, as he makes $342.83 in a month through it.

2.info link

Link info  is another great option if you're looking for comparable rates and customizations. Callout links are for in-text ads, which means they search for keywords in the content you place on your website. Content can be in the form of blog posts or even landing page text. In short, it will go through everything you enter on your website and select a focus keyword. It will then automatically generate ads for your blog with relevant keywords and text snippets. When visitors hover over custom text, ads will appear right next to it. If you are a blog owner, this is your best bet for making a lot of money. Why? Just because there are more words on your web page than on other forums. A word that means more opportunities for relevant advertising. Win-win, right? Because your audience is already interested in what you have to say, they will click on links that take them to something similar. Ads are displayed like this:

The platform also has very basic terms of service, meaning that most blogs qualify for it. There are no minimum traffic or page view restrictions, so you can implement it as soon as possible. They also have a dashboard so you can keep a check on your earnings. There are raving reviews on the internet about the Info link and rightly so. The following is proof of income from the website which is shared on the blog website. I shout out loud, before they switched to Media.net, they worked with Info links.

2. Propeller Ads

Propeller Ads  is one of the fastest growing monetization platforms offering opportunities for new and existing websites. It is especially famous for pop-up or pop-under ads that load behind the browser window and appear when you minimize your main window. Therefore, they do not interfere with your content at all. If you think this is something your audience is likely to overlook, then they have a special package for you. They have targeted and non-targeted advertising options for desktop websites, which include native ads, banners, and video ads.

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