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How to Monetize Facebook for Beginners to Make Money Online

How to Monetize Facebook for Beginners to Make Money Online

ou can do Facebook monetization if you have met the requirements set by the platform, such as complying with community policies and standards, meeting partner monetization policies, and content monetization.

Who would have thought that users could not only register for advertisements on Facebook Ads to increase income, but also monetize various types of content.

So, for those of you who want to know how to make money from the Internet , try monetizing content on Facebook by following the steps below.

1. Facebook Monetization Terms

To be able to monetize income from Facebook, you must fulfill several policies and conditions set by Facebook for each user.

Following are the Facebook monetization conditions:

1.1. Fulfill Partner Monetization Policies

One of the conditions for monetization to be approved by Facebook is to meet the partner monetization policy.

This Partner Monetization Policy will regulate payments for content that you publish (post) , share , and the existence of an online payment system .

So, you will be declared to have fulfilled the Partner Monetization Policy rules if:

Content created, uploaded on homepages, groups, and several platforms that meet monetization standards by Facebook.

Living and living in a country that meets the criteria for using the monetization feature, because the monetization program will be lost if the user moves to a place of residence where this feature is not available.

Comply with and adhere to the Community Standards Policy.

Users share original and authentic content. If you are found sharing stolen, fake, clickbait, overclaimed, sensational, racist content, against Facebook policies, then monetization will be revoked.

So, how do you find out if your FB account passes the partner monetization policy?

Open Facebook and go to Meta Business Suite (Meta Dashboard)

Then click on All Tools in the left menu

Select Monetization to glance at your account status and page eligibility; can be monetized or not

Then click View Page Eligibility to see account eligibility

To see if the Facebook page you manage can be monetized:

If the status appears for Stream Ads, Subscriptions, Star, etc. with the status 'Criteria not met', it means your account cannot be monetized.

If the View Page Eligibility status appears 'Your Page is able to earn money because it follows our Partner Monetization Policies.' (your page can make money because it follows Partner Monetization Policies) means it can be monetized.

1.2. Compliant with Facebook Community Guidelines and Standards

Facebook monetization can also be done if the user is deemed to have met the Community Policy Standards. One of them is not uploading explicit content or other dangerous content that could trigger other users.

This policy of course also applies to videos and photos that are not monetized. So what are the Facebook Community Rules and Standards?

It is strictly forbidden to publish content that contains violent, violent or criminal acts.

Content creation must be free from scenes such as: suicide, harassment, invasion of privacy, self-harm, and exploitation of living creatures.

Content uploaded by users must not be SARA, contain hate speech , contain sexual scenes, cruelty, be sensitive, and offend certain groups for certain purposes.

Content can be accounted for, is not stolen and its originality is guaranteed.

Users do not spread hoaxes or create fake news, clickbait, fakes and so on.

Respect guidelines and copyrighted works or intellectual property rights.

1.3. Meet Content Policy (Post and Share)

The third requirement for Facebook monetization is to fulfill the Content Monetization Policy which is closely related to uploading photos, videos, reels and others on your page.

If it turns out that the content you upload does not comply with the content policy, then you cannot register for monetization.

Here is some content that cannot be monetized on Facebook:

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