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Viral Video of Alien Bodies in Mexico, What's the Expert's Explanation?

Viral Video of Alien Bodies in Mexico, What's the Expert's Explanation?

The Mexican Parliamentary Congress on Tuesday, September 12 2023, at the Legislative Building, San Lazaro, Mexico City, was marked by an exhibition of 2 alien bodies which were in the form of artifacts and were claimed to be 1,000 years old.

As reported by Reuters, the Mexican Parliament held a hearing on FANI or UAP (Unidentified Anomalous Phenomena).

According to Jaime Maussan, a Mexican journalist and UFO believer, the 2 alien artifacts are the bodies of extraterrestrial creatures. He stated that humans do not live alone on earth and emphasized that the 2 alien artifacts were the first evidence.

"We are dealing with a non-human specimen that is not related to any other species in the world and all possibilities are open for any scientific institution to investigate it. We are not alone," said Jaime Maussan.

Meanwhile, the Director of the Scientific Institute for Health of the Mexican, Jose de Jesus Zalce Benitez, added that the 2 alien artifacts had gone through X-ray testing, 3D reconstruction and DNA analysis.

"I can confirm that these bodies have no connection with humans," Benitez said.

Alien Formation in the Mexican Parliament Congress

In the exhibition at the Mexican Parliamentary Congress, they displayed 2 alien bodies with small bodies placed in boxes.

Each alien has 3 fingers on their hands and a slightly elongated head. Jaime Maussan still said, this alien was discovered in Peru in 2017, or to be precise near the ancient Nazca Lines.

This alien is said to be around 1,000 years old based on carbon analysis by UNAM (Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico) or the National Autonomous University of Mexico.

Rebuttal of UNAM & US UFOlogists

UNAM stated that the 2017 research was carried out by LEMA (Laboratorio Nacional de Espectrometría de Masas con Aceleradores) or National Laboratory of Mass Spectrometry with Accelerators and only to test the age of the samples. They also feel that they have never published their origins.

Based on Al-Jazeera's report , Jaime Maussan once claimed that a non-human body was found in Peru in 2017.

The local prosecutor's office later stated that the body was a doll covered in a mixture of paper and synthetic glue to make it look like skin. According to them, the remains were made by human hands and not the remains of aliens.

Ryan Graves, Executive Director of Americans for Safe Aerospace (ASA), also emphasized that the alien exhibition in front of the Mexican Congress was an action that had no basis.

He strongly criticized the actions taken by Jaime Maussan while stating that such claims could interfere with research on UAP or anomalous phenomena about which little is known.

"Yesterday's demonstration was a huge step back on this issue. My testimony centered on sharing UAP experiences and reports that I heard from commercial and military aircraft crews through the ASA program," said Ryan Graves, citing the New York Post page .

"I will continue to raise awareness of UAP as a pressing issue for aerospace safety, national security, and science, but I am deeply disappointed by this unfounded action," he continued.

Graves is a former US Air Force pilot and a UFO specialist. He testified before the UFO hearing at the US Congress in July 2024.

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